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A new love

February 8, 2011

A very few times in my life I’ve been in love, and I’ve noticed there’s a certain sigh that accompanies this feeling. Walking to work, I sighted her again, and I caught myself mid-sigh and wondered, “did that really just happen?” Yup, I’m guilty as charged. I love the city of San Francisco. In the last week, I’ve done alot of walking and running around her and caught the beautiful sights from new angles, but I can’t say I limit my liking to pure external beauty – that sort of relationship, I’ve found, can only get one so far. It also extends to the people and the attitude and the vision captured here.

I’ve found the largest concentration of people who give a shit and who dream and care about not just their narrowly-focused goals and ambitions but about the greater consequences. This mindset allows an unselfish perspective of the world as a whole and not just “how is the going to affect me?” I’m a dreamer, I see the bigger picture and dream bigger, more impossible dreams because I know in my heart I can accomplish them. Here, I’m surrounded by like-minded people who believe they can make a difference in the world. We believe that the power of a few can build things and shape things that can affect millions and billions of lives. You only live once, so it’s no use living in the small scope. In experiments, if you drop a creature in an environment where it’s growth is hampered, his main concern is simply to survive and keep his life prolonged with what little resources he has. Drop the same creature in an environment rich with the resources he needs and he will flourish and thrive and be free to worry about more than survive. This creature is my dreams, my ability to create and foresee better things in all we do. And this city is the wonderful environment that allows me to stop arguing whether you can changes things and start debating how to change them and how quickly. The resistance against my dreams is gone here. Ah, amore!

I find it fascinating how this city isn’t a realistic city; it’s more of a fairytale, made-up land that shouldn’t exist. By circumstance and geography, San Francisco has a large population of very intelligent and wealthy individuals, allowing the government to be this crazy progressive, unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky crew that get to experiment excessively and try things that the rest of the country points their fingers at and says “really? Crazy liberal San Francisco!” Personally, I find myself liking some of the ideas and really hating some of them (how did we not pass prop B and close a future budget nightmare! Aaaargh!!!). Still, I accept I live in a fairytale land that no other city could mimic, due to the money they’d never receive.

I’m an inventor, someone who dreams and imagines and actually create new realities, and I’m surrounded by my mind kin. This is a match made in heaven.