What is FundFill?

One of the challenges of my side startup project, FundFill, has been explaining what it is in 30 seconds or less. Yet tonight, I was able to finally find quick explanations that explained the concept behind it as well as the potential for its use.

FundFill is a demand-based marketplace, a bounty-driven marketplace, where you can create a fund, for as little as a dollar, towards anything you want. If other people are interested in helping fund this idea, goal or accomplishment, they can add money into the fund, raising its pool of money. Once the fund is accomplished (according to the goal you describe), the person who accomplishes it will win the money in the pool. For example, if you’d like to see a video of a chihuahua jumping rope, you could create a fund called “Chihuahua Jumping Rope” for $1. If a few more people put a few bucks towards the idea, the fund could now be worth $100 to the first person who posts this video fulfilling the fund.

The Ansari X Prize was a $10 million prize for the first corporation to put a rocketship into space twice. Funded by corporations, this spurred demand for companies across the globe to try to accomplish this goal. Why should only corporations be able to create these prizes? FundFill is a democratic version that allows users to create their own prize or fund, so that the people can help spur what they want to see, not just corporations with big money.

These funds can also be bounties to reward people for helping with something. If a criminal act inspires you to want to help with a crime, you could pledge to a fund for catching the criminal. Interested in a how-to video on snowboarding? Create a fund for that! Any goal – however big or small – can have a fund for it. Want to offer a buck to the first people to colonize Mars? Sure, pledge away! 🙂

As more and more funds are added to the site, users can browse through existing funds to find something they’d like to help fund. The more popular an idea is with the users, the more money that fund will gather. And the more money the fund has, the more likely the fund is to be completed. This creates a unique demand-based marketplace that doesn’t really exist elsewhere in the real world.

Want to make an idea more likely to be fulfilled? Add more money to it. See enough money in a fund for you to accomplish it? Perform the task described in the fund and apply to win the money.

Create a fund, fulfill a fund, win money.

Fund it! Fulfill it! Win it!

Launching soon! fundfill.com


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